Choosing Between Saline and Silicone Implants

Breast implants are some of the most sought after cosmetic products on the market, the procedures accounting for a sizable portion of the cosmetic industry’s success. The procedures involved are purposed to resize and even reshape a patient’s breasts.

This involves filling a sac with either salt water or silicone gel and then inserting it surgically between layers of muscle, the idea being to reconstruct the breast mound.

Where the procedure is restricted to one breast, the procedure will be executed to ensure symmetry.

Breast augmentation procedures will introduce all manner of considerations to any individual interested in visiting a plastic surgeon, the core of the issue usually revolving around the types of breast implants to be utilized for the operation.

With various brand names circulating the market, many making numerous promises about their superiority, breast implants are generally divided into two types, namely: silicone breast implants and saline breast implants.

The major difference between the two categories revolves around the material used to fill their respective sacs. Saline makes use of the same saline solution you find in a patient’s drip whereas silicone implants utilize silicone gel.

The results might seem uniform upon a glance but closer scrutiny will reveal a different truth.

This is an important decision that must be made before one undergoes surgery. Research is crucial in making this decision; despite some assumptions, there is such a thing as the right type of breast implant for each patient, largely dependent upon personal tastes as well as various other factors, these including:

Aesthetics – breast implants are designed to provide augmentation of some sort even while presenting a natural look. It would however prove false to assume that both silicone and saline breast implants achieve this objective to the same level. Silicone implants utilize a cohesive gel material; this allows them to more closely mimic artificial breasts, not only in look but feel; this as opposed to saline implants that have been known to ripple, many a patient referring to the feeling of having water logged balloons on one’s chest. Silicone is usually advisable for thin individuals with little natural breast tissue.

Scarring- saline breast implants have always proven much easier to maintain. Breast implants are not a permanent fixture and will need work after a period of time, be it fixing a problem or making adjustments. Where saline implants can be adjusted without making additional incisions-a simple matter of increasing or decreasing the amount of fluid in the sac- silicone implants require invasive surgery, resulting in considerably more scarring, especially if one requires multiple adjustments over time.

Safety – while initially banned due insufficient evidence to support safety, silicone implants can now boast of FDA approval along with saline implants, the only difference being that one must be 22 years and above to receive silicone implants, as opposed to saline’s 18 years minimum age.

Cost – Silicone breast are expensive, costing considerably more than saline implants no matter the market; and this is due to the material used to construct either type. Salt water is quite cheap, this as opposed to silicone gel; and that isn’t even taking into account the costs of maintaining silicone implants.

Conclusion – The choice between silicone and saline implants usually comes down to personal tastes. Where some appreciate the natural feel of silicone implants, others are cannot ignore the costs involved, even when taking into account the rippling saline implants have been known to experience, many women speaking of hearing the saline solution sloshing about in their breasts.

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Here is also a video to go over how patients usually decide:

What you should know about Mid-Profile and High-Profile Breast Implants

Breast implants are the most common surgical corrective procedures conducted nowadays. A breast implant is actually a medical procedure aimed at improving the overall breast size and sometimes its texture. This undertaking is performed for cosmetic reasons or for corrective purposes. A corrective purpose is conducted to restore the breast to its original purposes. This is mainly what follows a surgical procedure conducted on a breast-as with breast cancer patients. For cosmetic purposes, breast implants are aimed at enhancing the shape and he size of a breast.

There are different types of breast implants. Before you settle for a specific type, it is important to make very important considerations that are much more than the cosmetic reasons. Size of a particular implant is an equally important consideration. A full look on the other hand is naturally appealing. To address these dynamics in personal tastes and preferences, there are different categories of implants that play a significant role in transforming ones general outlook.


Mid-Profile vs. High-Profile Breast Implants.

· High profile implants

This category of implants are aimed at creating an impression of abundance. This category of implants provides full and projecting breasts. Many people dismiss these over emphasised projections are easily as fake. This makes them less popular with many women who associate them to iconic personalities.

Enlarged, round breasts are purely products of high profile implants. In conducting this operation, your body is an equally important consideration. With slender women, the different might be overly pronounced unlike with their heavy bodied counterparts with an abundance of breast tissue. The high profile implants are normally products of saline implants. Saline implants provide a firm look.

· Mid profile implants

These implants are broader than the high profile implants. Besides this, they have a narrow top. Actually, the bulk of these implants rests at the bottom of the breast. A feature that makes them portray a natural look at a glance. Mid-profile implants are largely similar to natural breasts. Actually, this is what has made them popular among simple women. Those that do not intend to have a visible cleavage minus a push up bra.

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What determines what kind of implant you should have? Well, the size and shape of your chest are breasts serve as the best pointers. Mid-profile implants use silicone. Silicone implants offers near perfect similarities with natural breast tissues. With it, you are assured of a natural look and feel.

When it is the time to draw comparisons between a Mid-Profile vs. High-Profile Breast Implant, the ball lies on the professionalism of the surgeon. With a skilled surgeon, the difference between these two types of implants is not that pronounced. As previously highlighted, these differences are easily noticeable on women with little breast tissues and/ or body fats. Actually, saline implants are overly noticeable on small-bodied women as opposed to silicone implants. With this in mind, it is important to stick with the surgeon’s decision regarding the best implant for you. This decision is not hurriedly given; it is usually a product of one’s body measurements.